Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Recycling out of Non-Recycling

More than half of my work utilizes recycled materials. In other words, whenever I make art pieces there are always left over materials, and I use those left over materials to make more pieces. For instance, each time I cut a piece of paper in order to use a certain shape of cut paper, there are left over pieces of paper. Wood is the same story. There’s something about left over materials and making artworks out of them. Since they are already second hand, so to speak, I find myself being able to be much more playful, free from certain pressure to do it right. Basically I am playing with “trash” and fear of failure is non existent. If I screw up I can always throw it away since it was a “trash” in the first place. However, at one point I started noticing those “trash” artworks were popular. First of all, they are all unique and playful, and secondly I can price them very low because material cost is near zero. Thirdly I don’t feel like I “worked” to make them, and people buy them! I sold quite a few of those recycled art over the years. Photo Album