Monday, January 19, 2009

Desperate People Do Desperate Things

Perhaps I am not desperate but I feel we all need desperate changes in our society where waste is abundant. I was told that manufacturing recycled materials ends up in costing a lot more than making things out of new. This mysterious looking thing is made of cardboard and other found objects. My labor is the only cost. So this is one of my “Twenty Dollar Economy” products. I made several pieces of this kind last week and one of them was already sold yesterday! The first “Twenty Dollar Economy” product set of three were sold in two weeks. I sold one last Saturday, the second one this Saturday, and the third one yesterday. I’ve been talking to people at my booth in the past two weeks, and so far, everyone agrees that there are just too much of waste and it is hard to actually recycle, especially in Florida, even though our motivations are high. I report that what I am doing is receiving very positive responses. I am disgusted with this disposable society. A lot of things are made in ways that they don’t last long. Any time we buy something it comes with packaging materials that might even be more expensive than the item itself in some cases. So I, the pack rat, am at work staying busy! I consider what I do with cardboard “Green Art” and find it so appropriate for being shown and sold at farmers markets.