Saturday, April 30, 2011

unofficial open studio today

Since I am working in my studio anyway I just opened up the space today. Nice sunny day in Oakland.

happy hour is finally here

"Happy Hour" notecards are finally online. This is the first card design to put in my online store.

Since there are literally unlimited number of card designs, those unique cards are currently sold at markets and events in person. And I do know that some of designs are a lot more popular than others, only those popular ones can be sold online. Realistically, it takes many, many hours to put products online, so I don't expect myself putting them online. 

"Happy Hour" was a mixed media collage. The original was sold to a local fan, and the print of it has been one of the best seller products in my collage category. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Silky - Another Popular Print

Framed Print - Silky:  frame size 11x14 inches, mat opening 8x10 inches
$75.00   price includes shipping within the States

So this is another popular print. Originally made in 2005. I used a German drawing pen, and the print is a reproduction by my Epson printer. You can get this online.

PrintSilky  print size 11x8.5 inches. the print fits to 8x10 opening of mat
$25.00  shipping within the States is included in the price

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Garden 103

$25.00  shipping withing the States included in the price
Paper size 11x8.5 inches, and this print fits into any mat with 8x10 opening.

This is one of the best seller prints. This sells slightly less frequently than the best seller "Out There."

Photo below is a print already framed in this black frame with thick matting. It was printed on an Epson paper with Epson ink with Epson printer. Yes, I am “Epson” everything. I print my own reproduction myself because I am extremely fussy about paper quality, long time durability, and color correctness of prints. The frame measures approximately 12x14 inch, and mat opening is 8x10 inches. The print itself sizes 11x8.5 inches (US letter size). If you wish to frame it yourself, any mat with 8x10 opening will fit.

The price includes shipping in the US.

Buy "Garden 103" here or come find me at event/show/market. If you buy it at the event it costs a lot less, as online store price includes shipping/packaging fee.  Credit cards and personal check are accepted at my events and sales.

Framed Print - Garden 103 - frame size 11x14 inches
$75.00   shipping fee withing the States is included

Framed Print - Garden 103 - frame size 11x14 inches
$75.00   shipping fee withing the States is included

blue on yupo

This was also my experimentation piece. I still have the original, and this is a section of the photo of the original.

Not too many artists know about YUPO. YUPO is a synthetic sheet that is very white and archival and inexpensive. It absorbs pigments a bit differently than paper does, so it can give interesting effects. I played with it once and made a few pieces and then moved onto something else.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Out There - The Best Seller

Framed Print - Out There  frame size 11x14 inches, mat opening 8x10
price includes shipping within the States

Print 11x8.5 inches unframed Price: $25.00  this fits to any mat opening of 8x10

This piece continues to be the best seller of all I offer. Sometimes I sell one after another on a same day. I managed to give it a name, "Out There" because the original naming system of numbering them didn't work with me. This used to be "Garden #605" but now it is "Out There." To me, titles of works are only for convenience of communication.

Printed on 11x8.5 inches paper in the way that the opening of 8x10 mat will fit, so you can get this unframed and buy a frame and mat that has 10x8 opening.

The price includes shipping within the States.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Black White Red Compositional Study of 4

These four pieces were made while back ago (2008) to study the composition of black, white, and red. 
Each measures 18x24 inches, and they are all versatile, meaning they can be displayed in any orientation. I did not sign on the front so a buyer can choose how to hang them. 
They are mixed media collage on black paper. The material is mainly paper.
The price includes shipping within the States. This will be shipped flat, sandwiched by cardboards. I will not roll it. 
This piece needs a special framing to look its best.  

$120:  But above piece (red stick) here:

Sunday, April 17, 2011

farmers market in san rafael, ca

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I have embedded Google Calendar into my blog and LineScaping site

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday, April 04, 2011

garden # 109

ink on paper
produced in 2005
14 x 11 inches
shipping within the States included in the price

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Night Wave of April Fool

Made at live painting event on April Fool's day in 2011

36x36 inches
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