Saturday, January 03, 2009

I Am Going to Have to Learn to Love Blogging

I procrastinated it as much as possible until today. My feeling toward having a functioning blog has been so terribly mixed. It wasn't that I, a semi net-geek, didn't know how to set up a blog, but I was very, very afraid that it may take up so much of time and energy to the extent that it becomes another full time job on top of my seemingly triple multi-task full time jobs I already have. I have always admired those bloggers who can keep updating blogs, maintaining them, and interacting with (crazy) readers of the blogs without turning themselves insane. Or perhaps they were already insane to begin with to become blog hosts. Let me tell you what I don't like about blogging. I hate to read comments from mean and stupid people who don't even know me. So I definitely turn off the comment so readers cannot leave comments. As far as I am concerned, those comments, both positive and negative ones, don't constitute anything at all. One thing I found in online culture is that most people don't know how to have a constructive debate. Disagreements are useful as long as they become catalysts of discussion. Instead, much of online discussions resemble a whole bunch of ducks fighting with each other. It produces only noises. So my goal in having a blog is to find a middle ground between a duck fight and entertaining/informing X number of readers who would appreciate what I have to offer to the world. see more collage art