Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Party 2011

Approximately 58x70 inches
Acrylic painting on paper, produced on July 28, 2011 during LIVE LINES - live painting gig.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WOCA's Big Summer Party - Live Painting Gig

It has been a while since last time I painted live. "LIVE LINES" - live painting gig - is back on this Thursday! The party itself takes place at 5-8:30, and I will start painting when I feel like starting. Most likely 7-ish.  The famous 26 feet mural will be on display at this party if you haven't seen it in person! See the video of it.  Event details are below this photo. Please read before asking me questions.

West Oakland Commerce Association (WOCA) General Membership and Social Meeting - All are welcome! 

$5 at the door – then BEER (Linden Street Brewery), finger food, art gazing, and mingling are all free!

When – Thursday • July 28th, 2011 • 5:00 to 8:30 PM
Location – American Steel Studios • 1960 Mandela Parkway Oakland CA 94607 (Goooogle Map)
Corner of 20th and Mandela Parkway

West Oakland – it’s Hip & Happening - WOCA’s Big Summer Party !! (event flyer)
Appetizers aplenty! – Fabulous ales! – Bring your Friends
Live Music provided by Lucid – Classic Rock and R & B – local East Bay Band
Golf-cart-pulled trolleys tours around the 6 acre facility
American Steel Studios, provides studio and gallery space to over 100 artists, innovators and small green businesses
Come and enjoy the product of Oakland's first new brewery - Linden Street Brewery

Free Shuttles between this party and the Celebration Party at the 16th Street Train Station

This Event is $5 at the door For all Members and Non Members

event on facebook

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Epoxy Resin Coating DEMO - Locals Only - Oakland California USA

Epoxy Resin Coating Demo July 19, 2011 2pm-4pm in Oakland, CA
Price: $20.00
Address/directions will be given after registration

This 2 hours demo session can give you a good idea of what's like to coat your art with epoxy resin. This is for artists who have never used resin but are very interested in start using epoxy resin coating technique.

In the beginning I will briefly explain what resin coating is all about, as well as giving you a handout, then I will perform coating in front of you. By the end of the session you will have a clear idea of what tools and supplies you may have to purchase and what the cost of such investment can be.

You may bring your art work that you are considering coating on, I will give a consultation on your art piece that you bring to this session. I will not give a consultation to an art piece that you didn't bring to my session. If you forget to bring it with you, then you'll have no consultation.

By watching how resin is applied to art right in front of your eyes, you will be able to decide if this is something you want to be doing in your studio or home. Each artist has unique work space situation, and only you can tell if this is going to work in your work space situation.

All questions will be answered within my brain capacity, which may not be much, but I have spent a substantial amount of time and experiments so I know something about epoxy resin. Toxicity of resin will also be talked about.

Epoxy resin causes fumes, and also propane gas is used in the workshop, just so you know. If you are pregnant or might be pregnant, think about it twice.

After taking this demo workshop, if you decided that you will want to learn the actual technique, you may enroll in a private workshop, and the $20 you paid will be taken off from the workshop fee of $200. That makes it $180 instead of $200. In the actual workshop, we schedule the meetings based on your convenience, and the techniques are taught step by step. Materials used during the workshop is included in the fee, but if you are going to be independently using epoxy, you'll need to invest on tools. You'll learn what you need at this demo workshop.

This demo workshop is limited to coating technique only, and only two part epoxy is used. No mold and no 3D techniques are taught.

Please take this 2 hour demo workshop before adding resin coating to your art making. Epoxy resin is not easy to handle, and certainly it is not for everybody. If it was that easy, so many people would have been doing it already.

Friday, July 08, 2011

A Painting that Crossed the Continent

In New York 2011

I don't go to Seattle as often as I wish I could. Once in a while I wonder why I didn't moved to Seattle. But I like the Bay Area as much as Seattle.

In my visit to Seattle last fall, Nathalie Molina bought this large painting at CoCA (Center on Contemporary Art) during an auction so she can have it in her new place in NY. The painting moved from Seattle to New York. I knew that much.  

I didn't know what she did to the painting for a while, but now the photo of the painting is up, and I like the way she did it! - photo above

Painting was made live at "24 hour Art Marathon" event and was put on an auction next day (2010 Fall Seattle, WA)

Scene from the auction (Seattle, WA). The painting was bought this day and now lives in New York.

Happy Ending  : )