Saturday, January 24, 2009

It Started in 2005

This is the first piece I sold. It was April of 2005, I had been doing line drawings since February of that year, so I had been an artist for a few months then. Apparently I was not ready to have people who want to buy such things as my drawings when the sales occurred. For the record, I am not the first one who started line drawings. I think this type of art can be traced back to ancient times. Interestingly, if you make line drawings they don't look like mine. Mine always look like mine. It's like our voices or finger prints. Each of us make unique line drawings. In any event, just because one person said she wants to buy one, another person wanted to buy one too. Then this second person bought two pieces, one for herself, and the other for her friend. It was in a workshop of teaching artists how to market our art. I was supposed to bring my portfolio to be reviewed by the instructor, but I didn't have a portfolio so I brought a pile of my drawings. I said I didn't have a portfolio so I had to bring drawings and put them on a table. That's when the sales occurred. Yes, sales can be made happen, but sometimes they occur just like that. Lucky me.