Friday, January 09, 2009

The Mystery of YUPO

Last year I bought a few sheet of YUPO to experiment on. I was curious what YUPO was and how I could use it. It was fun to play with YUPO, and I was pleased with it. YUPO is a very white synthetic sheet of paper. It is hard to describe how this sheet works, so one has to get it and play with it to see what it does. Here is one of my experiments. Since the sheet is ‘very’ white, the color pigment shows brighter than ever. I also experimented with applying resin on it, and unfortunately I concluded YUPO not suitable for resin applications. However, since it costs very little and turns waterproof after the paints are dry, this could be a material for the economy of 2009. With its low price, it is archival and low maintenance. Although it is a sheet of paper, it is hard to wrinkle and hard to tear.