Thursday, January 22, 2009

Raccoon Carpenter Drinks Beer

I gather scraps and other found objects and make art out of them. And I call it, “Raccoon Carpenter.” Who’s the raccoon? It’s me! And who’s the carpenter? It’s me! I am an unprofessional carpenter who plays with whatever laying on the floor or backyard. This is so much fun, and they look so cool and funky. The photo is a small section of my funky art made of Coors Light bottle caps, torn plywood, and resin. The other day at a farmers market, a very polite lady well dressed in pink came to me with this art in her hand and said, “I must buy this!” One can never underestimate who buys which type of art. Now I find myself addicted to bottle caps resin art. I know some artists cut out papers and put them in the bottle caps and pour resin into it. And I do abstract art version of it. And it’s a good excuse to drink more beer!