Tuesday, December 04, 2012

8x10 inches

8x10 inches by MomokoSudo
8x10 inches, a photo by MomokoSudo on Flickr.
8x10 inches and 3/4 inch deep original acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Now you can buy it online here: http://subjectiveart.blogspot.com/p/original-one-of-kind.html

Thursday, November 29, 2012

8x10 aqua dive

8x10 aqua dive by MomokoSudo
8x10 aqua dive, a photo by MomokoSudo on Flickr.
This is now on sale at a frame shop in Oakland. The Holiday shopping show ends on December 22, 2012.


Gallery Hours:
Tuesday: 10 am - 6 pm
Wednesday: By Appointment
Thurs, Fri, Sat: 10 am - 6 pm

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

ORIGINAL002: acrylic painting on 12x16 and 1.5 inch deep canvashttp://subjectiveart.blogspot.com/p/original-one-of-kind.html

Buy this here http://subjectiveart.blogspot.com/p/original-one-of-kind.html

Art and Soul Oakland

These three boxes will be placed (with a stacks of the new issue of East Bay Express) at Frank Ogawa Plaza (that's where Oakland City Hall is at) during Art and Soul Festival, August 4 and 5, 2012   
Please note that I will not have a booth at this festival, and I won't even be there, but these three boxes will be there somewhere in there! http://www.artandsouloakland.com/ 

And after the event, they will be relocated to wherever East Bay Express decides to place at. 

Grand Lake Farmers' Market

I have visited quite a few farmers' markets over the years, and I think Grand Lake Farmers' Market is one of the best markets. Read about the market on Yelp review

My scheduled appearance to this market is irregular due to the fact that this market is very popular among local art/craft vendors, and particularly in summer season, a lot more vendors than the available slots request to be there. The management assigns the space so all of us get the equal chance to be there. 

My schedule of calendar is available in my all of web sites

ORIGINAL008: acrylic painting on wood panel, 18x48 inches and 1.5 inch deep. title: "Unseen Land III"http://subjectiveart.blogspot.com/p/original-one-of-kind.html

18x48 inches original acrylic painting on wood panel of 2 inch deep
Purchase here http://subjectiveart.blogspot.com/p/original-one-of-kind.html

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Navigate Online Photo Gallery

People seem to be having difficulties with navigating the gallery. Here is how to navigate and get the necessary information about each piece.

1. Visit the gallery that are linked from pages in this online store (service by Google)
2. Click on a image to make it bigger. For some people, captions appear by putting a cursor over the thumbnail. How it displays depends on what machine you are using, and which browser you are on, and whether you are logged in as a Google account holder or not. (You don't have to have a Google account to view the photo gallery)
3. Caption with item ID (Item ID looks like "ORIGINAL001") and description (dimensions and etc) usually shows up on the upper right. If not, it may show up below the photo. If not, look around and try finding item ID and texts that follow; that's where the caption appears on each photo.
4. You may have to click on "More" to read the entire texts associated with the photo
5. There are arrows on very right of the screen (of the photo) and very left of the screen. By clicking them, you can go forward or backward. Also, if you click on an image, it automatically goes to the next photo.

Let me know if there's something missing. Additional shots can be emailed to you upon request.


Original Aqua 2x3 feet painting

Buy it here http://subjectiveart.blogspot.com/p/original-one-of-kind.html

Friday, July 27, 2012

Showcasing Popular Prints in Collage Format

As fresh as this seems, this also was made recycle in mind. The prints used here are the "second" - test prints, wrong size prints, prints with imperfection, and so on. They are collage onto the box, which is not as simple as it sounds. Gluing paper without causing wrinkles is a state of art (or a labor intensive art). At least I know how to do it thanks to Jonathan's workshop (it was more like a boot camp) I participated several years ago.  

Paper Collage - Recycle in Mind

This was made with recycle in mind. The only newly bought material was a primer.  

This shot is before epoxy coating. Without epoxy coating, the paper will fall off under the street environment. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Box and More Boxes

Started with my first "box" I made earlier this year, three more boxes were made thus far. 
The black box on top is called "Urban Zebra" and it's an original painting directly applied to the box. 

The latter two are different in terms of not just appearance but also its "mentality," so to speak. 

What's so different in these is that a great deal of effort of recycling (avoiding the use of new materials) has been made to apply art on these. The effort is not just great effort but the maximum effort was made, I would like to add. Even though they look nice and clean, there is no newly bought materials to make these. 

Not only the recycling spirit, also these boxes themselves carry a great deal of experimentation. 

Firstly, the green box has lots of recycled papers on it. Obviously papers are not suitable as art material placed on a rainy/sunny/windy/dusty/graffiti street. How do they sustain the street environment? Some of you know me as a resin artist, and I am applying resin over the paper collage with a shortcut technique, instead of complex ways of applying it in my normal art making. 

The other black box is also paper collage. My linescaping prints are collage onto it. Again, prints are papers, and that a big No No placed on a street. They will be covered by resin as well. I do not know at this time if the resin coated paper collage will sustain the street factors. Like I said, these boxes are my experiments on streets. 

None of prints glued onto the box were newly printed. They were rather "second" prints - the prints that had minor stains, incorrect colors, ink running out in the middle of printing, printed in a wrong size, printed as tests; whatever they were, they were not going to be sold at regular prices. 

They will not survive the street environment, thus they will be coated with resin as well. I am still doing the final coating. 

The question to this experiment are: 

Q: Does resin peel off of the acrylic painted surface over time? How long will it be stuck?
Q: Does the UV protection agent the resin manufacturers claim actually work? Do they stay clear?
Q: When the box is tagged, does it come off easily because the box is resin coated? 
Q: How does overall appearance look to public who pass by the box? 

Friday, July 06, 2012

Prints Under Procrastination

I concluded that if I am waiting for the procrastinated day to come, there will be no online store. Here I am announcing the "Under Procrastination" store for the popular prints.

 What I am planning to do is to start with the small 11x8.5 inch prints, keep adding the items until the majority of the popular images are listed and become available for online purchase. Then I will add the larger format prints on those images with higher resolution files are available. So far, I have only two prints listed, but I have to start from somewhere, right? Here is the link to the Procrastinating Print Store.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Online Open Studio - Pale Green 101

web101ETE12x16greenFRONT by MomokoSudo
web101ETE12x16greenFRONT, a photo by MomokoSudo on Flickr.

dimensions: 16x12 and 1.5 inch deep

original acrylic painting on stretched canvas, ready to hang with wire on back

Made on June 15, 2012

Colors: This piece is a pale subtle green. I tried my best to adjust the color on digital image to appear as close as the actual piece.

This flickr set shows how this piece progresses to completion.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

DNA Fragment - the long stuff


Continued after the long rectangular series I call "DNA Fragment" from the previous show, this blog entry shows how I make the wood panels. The photos associated with building (carpentry) wood panels (really boxes) are posted at a flickr set called "fate of four" here.

I use wood panels instead of canvases for the following reasons.

1. The dimensions required by customer or exhibition situations are not available as stretched canvases.
2. I don't have money and I can't buy stretched canvases.
3. Customers specified the painting to be on wood panels, not on canvas.
4. I have lumber product left-over sitting around and I feel they need to be made wood panels.

Ideally I would want to hire wood craft persons to make these boxes, but in reality I can't afford it most of time. Many of you may know that quality labor is the most expensive thing. So I construct them myself.

It is interesting, though that at first a lot of my potential buyers say, "No, not no wood." Then as they look at different paintings on different sizes and materials, many like it on wood, which frankly is a bad news for me because I have to make those boxes myself. They sell wood panels at craft stores, but they are often out of my budget, especially larger pieces.

Anyway, this photo set may give you some idea of what I do.


Caffe 817 Show in Downtown Oakland, CA


Caffe 817 Show2012-05-09_08-23-41_145.jpg2012-05-09_08-23-56_872.jpgCaffe817-02Caffe817-03WebUnseenLand1front

UnseenLand2cUnseenLand3Front2012-05-03_12-20-17_322.jpg2012-05-01_22-21-38_273.jpg2012-05-02_12-52-08_913.jpgC-027BR-red Shot with Flash on

C-028 Buddha Room Green2011-09-05_13-10-34_460webAQUA-EwebAQUA-DCaffe817AP1010958
Caffe 817, a set on Flickr.      http://caffe817.com/

The show at a downtown caffe was given to me as a fill, due to a cancellation by someone else. In the first week I sold three paintings and the second week, another sale. One more sale is pending as of the moment as I type this. 

This show will end at the end of this month (June 2012). If you happen to be around the Caffe 817, please stop by. The Caffe opens early, 7:30am and closes early, 3:30pm, catering hardworking (and relaxing) people. For more information about Caffe 817, please visit their web site at  http://caffe817.com/
This place uses fresh, mostly organic ingredients. My personal favorite item is served only during weekend. That is, "House-cured corned beef hash and poached eggs." The lemonade is fresh and really tastes like lemon because it is actually made of lemons.  

The place is known for great espresso drinks and coffee. They use beans by Mr. Espresso brand, which is pricey but very high quality. 

The current owners took over the establishment, so online reviews are mixed up with the reviews written for previous owners, just so you know. 

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

AQUA - my first public art

There are (too many) photos in my Flickr set if you want to see more!

My first public art on an utility box came true. This box is located on Telegraph
Avenue and 26th Street of Oakland. You can see this any time of the day (obviously better in Sunlight).

This is a part of the series of cerebration for the160th Birthday of City of Oakland. (May 4, 2012)

Below are some in-progress photos. The utility box was repeatedly attached by graffiti, tagging, posters, and painted over in gray paint over, and over, and over again. Scraping off of all above mentioned "crap" was one week of labor.

work in progress shot

cleaning in progress shot

more or less "before" shot

complete photo