Friday, January 23, 2009

Peachy Story

This series, “Peachy Story,” apparently appeals to people. The first set of four was sold to a Californian just a few days after being posted online. The second set of four was sold to a local chef at a farmer’s market about a month ago. On both sales the entire four were sold at once, which is lovely because I don’t have to deal with the stray pieces to sell. Although the shapes look “peachy,” my original intention was not peachy. This onion shaped figures are called “Precious Sphere,” derived from ancient India that eventually led to the current Buddhism. I am NOT religious (so please do not start the religious debate!) but I know that this design has been incorporated into architecture and other things that you see daily in Asian culture. So I theorized that this peachy shape is definitely well liked to all human beings; otherwise this design had died out already, which is not the case. I am making the third set of four to get ready for my first art festival next month. I should probably make two or three sets if time allows me to do so because I know that they sell, if not in the festival then another art fair in March. And also, this is the color, pink&red, people are buying this year. I need to add that my name "MOMO" is peach in Japanese and its character is also Peach in Chinese.