Thursday, June 14, 2012

DNA Fragment - the long stuff


Continued after the long rectangular series I call "DNA Fragment" from the previous show, this blog entry shows how I make the wood panels. The photos associated with building (carpentry) wood panels (really boxes) are posted at a flickr set called "fate of four" here.

I use wood panels instead of canvases for the following reasons.

1. The dimensions required by customer or exhibition situations are not available as stretched canvases.
2. I don't have money and I can't buy stretched canvases.
3. Customers specified the painting to be on wood panels, not on canvas.
4. I have lumber product left-over sitting around and I feel they need to be made wood panels.

Ideally I would want to hire wood craft persons to make these boxes, but in reality I can't afford it most of time. Many of you may know that quality labor is the most expensive thing. So I construct them myself.

It is interesting, though that at first a lot of my potential buyers say, "No, not no wood." Then as they look at different paintings on different sizes and materials, many like it on wood, which frankly is a bad news for me because I have to make those boxes myself. They sell wood panels at craft stores, but they are often out of my budget, especially larger pieces.

Anyway, this photo set may give you some idea of what I do.