Thursday, July 26, 2012

Box and More Boxes

Started with my first "box" I made earlier this year, three more boxes were made thus far. 
The black box on top is called "Urban Zebra" and it's an original painting directly applied to the box. 

The latter two are different in terms of not just appearance but also its "mentality," so to speak. 

What's so different in these is that a great deal of effort of recycling (avoiding the use of new materials) has been made to apply art on these. The effort is not just great effort but the maximum effort was made, I would like to add. Even though they look nice and clean, there is no newly bought materials to make these. 

Not only the recycling spirit, also these boxes themselves carry a great deal of experimentation. 

Firstly, the green box has lots of recycled papers on it. Obviously papers are not suitable as art material placed on a rainy/sunny/windy/dusty/graffiti street. How do they sustain the street environment? Some of you know me as a resin artist, and I am applying resin over the paper collage with a shortcut technique, instead of complex ways of applying it in my normal art making. 

The other black box is also paper collage. My linescaping prints are collage onto it. Again, prints are papers, and that a big No No placed on a street. They will be covered by resin as well. I do not know at this time if the resin coated paper collage will sustain the street factors. Like I said, these boxes are my experiments on streets. 

None of prints glued onto the box were newly printed. They were rather "second" prints - the prints that had minor stains, incorrect colors, ink running out in the middle of printing, printed in a wrong size, printed as tests; whatever they were, they were not going to be sold at regular prices. 

They will not survive the street environment, thus they will be coated with resin as well. I am still doing the final coating. 

The question to this experiment are: 

Q: Does resin peel off of the acrylic painted surface over time? How long will it be stuck?
Q: Does the UV protection agent the resin manufacturers claim actually work? Do they stay clear?
Q: When the box is tagged, does it come off easily because the box is resin coated? 
Q: How does overall appearance look to public who pass by the box?