Thursday, June 14, 2012

Caffe 817 Show in Downtown Oakland, CA


Caffe 817 Show2012-05-09_08-23-41_145.jpg2012-05-09_08-23-56_872.jpgCaffe817-02Caffe817-03WebUnseenLand1front

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Caffe 817, a set on Flickr.

The show at a downtown caffe was given to me as a fill, due to a cancellation by someone else. In the first week I sold three paintings and the second week, another sale. One more sale is pending as of the moment as I type this. 

This show will end at the end of this month (June 2012). If you happen to be around the Caffe 817, please stop by. The Caffe opens early, 7:30am and closes early, 3:30pm, catering hardworking (and relaxing) people. For more information about Caffe 817, please visit their web site at
This place uses fresh, mostly organic ingredients. My personal favorite item is served only during weekend. That is, "House-cured corned beef hash and poached eggs." The lemonade is fresh and really tastes like lemon because it is actually made of lemons.  

The place is known for great espresso drinks and coffee. They use beans by Mr. Espresso brand, which is pricey but very high quality. 

The current owners took over the establishment, so online reviews are mixed up with the reviews written for previous owners, just so you know.