Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Navigate Online Photo Gallery

People seem to be having difficulties with navigating the gallery. Here is how to navigate and get the necessary information about each piece.

1. Visit the gallery that are linked from pages in this online store (service by Google)
2. Click on a image to make it bigger. For some people, captions appear by putting a cursor over the thumbnail. How it displays depends on what machine you are using, and which browser you are on, and whether you are logged in as a Google account holder or not. (You don't have to have a Google account to view the photo gallery)
3. Caption with item ID (Item ID looks like "ORIGINAL001") and description (dimensions and etc) usually shows up on the upper right. If not, it may show up below the photo. If not, look around and try finding item ID and texts that follow; that's where the caption appears on each photo.
4. You may have to click on "More" to read the entire texts associated with the photo
5. There are arrows on very right of the screen (of the photo) and very left of the screen. By clicking them, you can go forward or backward. Also, if you click on an image, it automatically goes to the next photo.

Let me know if there's something missing. Additional shots can be emailed to you upon request.