Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sun - Bright LineScaping Art


      SOLD  Original Acrylic painting 24x36 inches
   Shipping fee within the States is included in the price

International shipping will receive a separate invoice after the order is placed, based on where it is being shipped.

Dimensions: 24x36 inches, or 2x3 feet, about 3/4 inch deep
Materials: Acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Year: 2008

About "Sun"  This painting above is actually the 4th Sun I made. Let's go over the history of "Sun."

The first "Sun" was an acrylic painting on paper sized 11x14 inches. (photo below) Sold.

ORIGINAL SOLD (buy print of this - the photo right above)

$25.00   print only. size 11x8.5 inches with white edges
shipping within the States is included in the price

The second "Sun" was a painting on canvas, and I don't recall the size. (photo below) Sold.

SOLD  -  no print available at this time for this piece

The third "Sun" was 2x3 feet, and sold (photo below).

SOLD - no print is available for this piece at this time

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