Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lamiframe - Sea U in LaLa

LAMIFRAME-coral sea - Lala land (black sides) about 10x8 inches, click on the play button in the middle of the video to play the movie

Item: LAMIFRAME-008-LaLaSea Price: $65.00

Online order is back order. This will be made fresh after it is ordered. Please allow 8 to 10 days for manufacturing this before being shipped. The price includes shipping within the States. Ordering more than one does not make the production slower as long as the orders are placed together.

ABOUT THIS ART: This was originally a paper collage on a small solid wood. Most paper used for this art was handmade paper from Japan and other places. The original work was sold long time ago.

This item is an archival print, color corrected and printed by me, artist herself, with Epson printer on Epson paper. The print is mounted on a wood board and laminated by using a service called Lamiframe. This is ready to hang and hangs a little less than 1 inch from the wall. You do not have to find a frame to hang it, and there is no glass! You can see how the back side with wire looks like on the video above by clicking on a triangle on the image above. If you are in my local area (East Bay of the Bay Area in Northern California, USA), catch me at my events. I am showing this "Sea U in LaLa" when the item is in stock.

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