Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lamiframe - Ultimate Alternative for Framing Art

I love Lamiframe! Watch the video above to see what Lamiframe is.

See more of my art in Lamiframe format in my Print Showroom!

Note: The following sentences were directly quoted from Lamiframe web site.

Lamiframe is the affordable alternative to traditional framing methods.

With Lamiframe’s tough clear UV protective surface, grease, dust and moisture wipe right off!!!

This robust coating makes the Lamiframe an ideal solution for public and corporate displays of artwork.

The non-glare surface makes images easier to see from any angle and reduces UV fading.

The non-glare quality of the laminate allows for a wonderful 180 degree viewing experience that is simply not available with glass glazed images.

Because Lamiframes are glassless and cleanable they are safe in children’s rooms and can provide a level of protection for art in humid environments.