Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mission Sacramento - I Need Your Help and Support

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I need your support to show my art in Sacramento in November. I was accepted by a juried show, Sacramento Arts Festival, and the deposit of $200 was due May 7, which happens to be more than 3 weeks ago. The producer of the festival has been kind enough to extend the deadline for my deposit this long, but I am afraid time is running out. The total fee to attend this show is $560. At this moment I need to pay $200 just to stay in the show.

Ever since I moved to California, people have been telling me that Sacramento Arts Festival would be a good fit for my art. This is an art festival that attracts serious art buyers every year, and buyers have to buy entry tickets to see the festival. Unlike other festivals I have attended over the years, this is an indoor show at a convention center. As a street artist this is a serious upgrade. 

I took a risk of not being able to pay for the booth fee and tried to raise the funding as much as I could at farmers' markets, other street venues, and also the aritst's garage sale, and now I do not have the $200 after paying the living expenses. But I still want to go to Sacramento because I know that my products will do very well there and will be profitable.

This is not a regular donation. You get my art equivalent to what you paid for so I can send the art to you. This is sort of like a gift certificate. If you don't see anything you like this time, you can use the paid credit for later on when you find something you want to get. So, these are options. I assure you that I estimate I have hundreds of artworks, including artworks I forgot about, and you will meet the art you like. Many of my art are in boxes, folders, bags, on walls, and on floors of my studio, and a lot have not even been photographed... yet.

Option A: Surprise donation (Fun!) - You donate and I select the gift. I will be generous to generous people. You just don't know what you are getting until you receive it. The popular notecard will be definately included!

Option B: Donate now and select later. This can be applied as a part of future commission orders. 

Unfortunately I have not set up my online store yet (too messy right now). But I plan to add more items online aggressively. I have hundreds of art but they are just not posted on the web at all, and posting them requires tedious work.

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This campaign is closed due to a huge success!

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