Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back to Blogger! No More Wordpress for Me

So I migrated my blog to Wordpress, and I didn't like Wordpress, so I am back at Blogger. I am a little disappointed and also puzzled because so many bloggers use Wordpress, and I don't know why they do.

I find that in order to do anything simple on Wordpress, the blog has to be installed in a server and then install other plugins instead of simply embedding widgets as iframe or html codes. I tried to run it online without installing the program in my server, but quickly realized I couldn't do things I could easily do on Blogger.

I am aware that Wordpress does things Blogger doesn't do, but because of its complexity, things can get buggy, and when that happens, it is a lot of work to fix a very simple thing.

I am shocked to know that Wordpress doesn't work well with Flickr. When I put iframe codes, the blog became unstable and started malfunctioning. It went crazy big time. It was as if someone else was controlling my blog.

It was worth trying, but I don't think Wordpress is for me. I've been blogging for a few years here in Blogger, but I never experienced so much bug problems like I had experienced in one day at Wordpress.

I will stay away from Wordpress for a while.