Monday, January 16, 2012

C-031 Q Red and Green KERI


dimensions: 9x9 inches and 2 inch deep
ready to hang with wire on back 
made in 2010

Q is a multi-color abstract eye candy. It is a paper collage on a wood box of 9x9x2 and varnished with epoxy resin on front and sides. Q (kyu) means 9 (because it's 9 inches in size) in the Japanese language, and also the mid part object looks like the character "Q." Q is also a "Q" of question, as one has to question herself/himself what this image looks like to her/him.   
Each piece is one of a kind, different from others. 

What you think this is what it is. Some see eggs, while others may see beans, rocks, jelly beans, and even potatoes. This is where "Subjective Truth" comes in. We all perceive things as truth within our capacity to imagine and understand.

The Japanese writing in the middle is a page of Noh script (learn about Noh).
This is the listing only for one piece of art posted on the above photo.

Price: $350.00 .... The price includes shipping within the States.

The listed piece is lower left in the photo below (red top and bottom, dark green in the middle).