Saturday, January 28, 2012

Artist's Garage Sale

You will need to use both photo gallery (for browsing) and online store (for payment) to shop. Read the descriptions that accompany the photo. Original pieces and prints are mixed up without any order. Please know if the item is ORIGINAL or PRINT. It is clearly marked. 

About shipping

I will charge you for shipping on garage sale items. Shipping fee varies depending on what you order and how far it travels from Oakland, CA. Most buyers order more than one item with different shapes and sizes, so I need to figure out how to safely and inexpensively ship all orders after the order is placed based on the address you used at the time of the initial order.

After you placed an order I will email you a shipping invoice. I will try to do that within a day or so. Paying for shipping is easy. Just follow the link in the email and you can check out just like when you placed an order. I will not ship your order until the shipping fee is collected. This separate shipping fee applies only to Garage Sale items. Items with regular prices include shipping.

I use a combination of FedEx Ground (now they call it FedEx Home Delivery) and US Postal Service.

Local pick up is available, but you may want to consider that by the time you drive your car and pay for parking, it may be cheaper to have it shipped.

Browsing Art

In the photo gallery, item ID numbers (GS000 format) are either below the photo or at the top right column, depending on which viewer style you are on, and brief descriptions will follow after the ID number. These texts can also pop up when you put a cursor over the photo. I guess it also depends on which browser you are using, but I think you will find the corresponding texts to each item. Let's hope that the almighty Google designed it so everyone can see it. You can navigate by clicking on an arrow that's located at the very right edge of the browser to go to the next photo and clicking on an arrow at the very left edge to go to the previous photo. 

Garage sale store front has small photos, and prices are posted next to it. Sold items will not say "sold," but when you try to buy something that is already sold, it will not go into a shopping cart, saying the item is not available. If you add the same item twice by mistake, you will need to correct the quantity to 1. If the item is not available, it will say it's unavailable when the quantity is 1. 

It is made clear by stating either "ORIGINAL" or "PRINT." Most items are in a good condition. Some of them are a little dirty, beat up, or wrinkled, but hey, this is a garage sale. And some weathering adds a charm to the art! All prints are archival. There is really nothing wrong with those prints except that I didn't print them in a right size or right format.

I know some people have issues with using credit cards online. I will try to accommodate that by other ways of payments. 
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