Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Out There - The Best Seller

Framed Print - Out There  frame size 11x14 inches, mat opening 8x10
price includes shipping within the States

Print 11x8.5 inches unframed Price: $25.00  this fits to any mat opening of 8x10

This piece continues to be the best seller of all I offer. Sometimes I sell one after another on a same day. I managed to give it a name, "Out There" because the original naming system of numbering them didn't work with me. This used to be "Garden #605" but now it is "Out There." To me, titles of works are only for convenience of communication.

Printed on 11x8.5 inches paper in the way that the opening of 8x10 mat will fit, so you can get this unframed and buy a frame and mat that has 10x8 opening.

The price includes shipping within the States.