Monday, August 17, 2009

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This is cited from the actual page. Texts by Gennielynn Martin.

Momoko Sudo at the Center on Contemporary Art July 9th - August 8th, 2009

Momoko Sudo’s exhibition at CoCA saturates the gallery with an ambiance of quietude and poise while simultaneously stimulating one’s imagination. The 26 works showcasing Sudo’s talent as painter and collagist highlight the compassionate and courageous manner in which she expresses herself.

Sudo’s collages, measuring between 9”x 9” and 18”x18”, embrace serenity, tranquility and play. Surrounded by Sudo’s line-scape works, the collages enjoy the rich colors and the variety of shapes of their components. Neither cluttered nor busy, their spirit and temperament evidence unity, certainty, and wisdom.

After the delicate colorful papers are shaped, areas painted, and found objects applied, the collages are coated with layers of resin varnish. In some works this final step calls attention to the elements while in others like Palace Night, the materials are intentionally veiled beneath a lingering fog, whispering to the viewer and artist that they have been transformed into a state of well being, never to be disturbed again.

Sudo’s larger line-scape paintings are all-embracing. When following the numerous thin lines strategically flowing and waving serenely across a canvas of once uncharted territory, one may find themselves being drawn into those invisible, immobile spaces on the canvas which the artist did not disrupt, choosing instead to leave them to be steeped in nature's own light. This is where the artist's gift for perfection becomes evident. It's here where she has fused the art of motion and stillness into one entity.

The Center On Contemporary Art, with its composed, picturesque setting looking across the blue waters of the Puget Sound, provides an appropriate setting with Ms. Sudo's quiet and thoughtful works.

COCA curator and former president Joseph Roberts with some of Momoko Sudo's collages. Photo: G. Martin

- Gennielynn Martin, 8.5.2009