Friday, May 29, 2009

Hello from California

Hello from California!

As of May 2009 I no longer live in the WRONG city in a wrong state. I’ve had it and don’t even want to type the name of the wrong city! Let’s just not talk about it. I am now in "Bay Area" of California, still browsing the area.

Walnut Creek, CA 2009 ( Click here for more images in Flickr)

A Cat Who Crossed the Continent

Art of MOMOKO I know some people take their cats with them when they move. But I am sure not so many people put a wild stray screaming dirty cat in a car and drive 3,100 miles for six days through broiling hot southern desert states near Mexican borders. A litter box was a new thing to this poor little old creature, and being contained in a vehicle with this distressed cat certainly pushed me to the edge. By the time I reached the destination the cat, Lulu, looked so weak, confused, and all the friendliness was totally gone. The cat was scared to death, and it appeared the end of the world was near.

My host family generously allowed Lulu to live in their backyard. Then Lulu vanished shortly after. I didn’t see her one night and then the following days I didn’t see the cat. As I made an effort to find her I also prepared that I would never see the cat again, considering how confusing and stressful it might have been to the cat who is estimated 17 years of age and never left a small section of the tropical residential area all her life. I regretted that I took her with me this far. “If I left her in the land she had lived all her life, she did not have to die like this,” I reasoned.

Just as I slowly processed those feelings, Lulu abruptly came back. I suppose she had to explore the area before feeling safe. Now Lulu is a happy elderly Californian outside cat.

Now What?

Art of MOMOKOI have some adjustments to make to the unfamiliar climate I had never experienced before. I am dressed as if I am in February NYC in one moment, and in a matter of hours, suddenly I must take off (nearly) all clothes because it is now hot. Climate here is an irregularly alternating micro-summer and micro-winter, and on top of that, nearby cities may have different temperatures as different as 20 degrees. While I lived in the humid wrong city, foot powder was one of the most important products for me, but here I don’t even think about it because of its dry climate here. And it doesn’t rain. This climate appears to be a very uncomfortable place for mosquitoes.

My work studio has not been fully set up yet. This is a photo taken from my temporary rental studio that is built far backyard of an artist's home.Yes, the studio comes with a swimming pool, garden, and two black cats with yellow eyes.

I've booked some art fairs for June and am working on more in the following months. Calender here.

I can't tell you how I like California so far. I am still trying to figure that out. It hasn't been even a month since my arrival - too short of time to conclude such a thing. On the other hand, I haven't been able to find anything particularly to complain about. And if I ever have to complain about something, people here understand English!

Walnut Creek, CA 2009
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