Thursday, April 09, 2009

Pizza for One

I don't know what took so long for this to be sold. I always thought it was a well done piece with appealing colors and composition. And hundreds of people liked it but it took a long time to sell. This actually is "Pizza for One #2," Bhich was finally sold at an art festival at Key Biscayne. I used to eat the frozen and microwavable small pizza, called "Pizza for One," often because it's convenient, inexpensive, and also a doable size for a snack or in-a-hurry meal. As a hoarder I was thinking of making a series of art called "Pizza for One" by using the package boxes. Below is the "Pizza for One #1." Unfortunately I ate too much of "Pizza for One" and got tired of it after a while. Also, I wanted to eat healthier food than frozen pizza. But that wasn't the actual reason why I didn't continue making more "Pizza for One" pieces. I just got too busy for other things. Anyway, a friend of mine bought "Pizza for One #1" a few years ago, and finally #2 was sold last week. I think I made them on 2006. To me, that's a long time ago. It is much fun to make them than try selling them. But I am glad some people liked them enough to purchase them. I think our society is full of packagings, and I find it so wasteful. They spend so much resources both the cost and materials just to package the products, and the packagings are thrown away. So I wanted to resist that just a little bit. Pizza for One #1