Thursday, June 20, 2013



No, I do NOT have a steady hand. I only learned how to work with the naturally occurring shakes and twitches of a hand while painting the lines. As a matter of fact, anyone can be trained to draw steady lines with enough practice.

Everything contributes to shaking and twitching of a hand. Blood circulation of our heart pumping blood throughout the body, breathing of our lungs pumping in and out the air, and mental distraction, both from surrounding stimuli and from our own thoughts cause our hand to shake or twitch during drawing or painting.

It seems impossible to keep a hand steady. To make the very long story extremely short, the secret I found is to work with the shake instead of resisting it. I learned that by attempting to eliminate the shakes and twitches, it would only get worse. Elimination of shakes and twitches was not possible.

The shakes and twitches stop only if you fully accept the shakes and twitches. That’s how I can paint steady lines with my shaky hand.