Thursday, January 31, 2013

Florescent Red to Start with

This year, 2013, I want to use the florescent colors. Since florescent colors in acrylic paint are pricey, I am now experimenting in making my own paints by mixing pigment powders into different medias. To do this, I need to experiment with different ratios as well as adding chemicals to adjust viscosity. 

I bought only florescent red to practice this process of making paints. Once I figure out the recipe of making paints, other florescent colors, such as yellow and green, should work the very similar ways. 

The thing about pigment is that each pigments are different chemicals so they may act differently. 

Nonetheless, in a long run I should be able save some money by making my own paint as opposed to buying already made paints in tubes and jars. They are really expensive, especially certain colors like florescent colors.