Friday, July 08, 2011

A Painting that Crossed the Continent

In New York 2011

I don't go to Seattle as often as I wish I could. Once in a while I wonder why I didn't moved to Seattle. But I like the Bay Area as much as Seattle.

In my visit to Seattle last fall, Nathalie Molina bought this large painting at CoCA (Center on Contemporary Art) during an auction so she can have it in her new place in NY. The painting moved from Seattle to New York. I knew that much.  

I didn't know what she did to the painting for a while, but now the photo of the painting is up, and I like the way she did it! - photo above

Painting was made live at "24 hour Art Marathon" event and was put on an auction next day (2010 Fall Seattle, WA)

Scene from the auction (Seattle, WA). The painting was bought this day and now lives in New York.

Happy Ending  : )