Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Las Olas - It Was Fun!

Relatively speaking I was very pleased with this art fair in Fort Lauderdale. Since this is my second art fair, I am only comparing this to the previous fair at Hobe Sound, FL. I found people friendly, and surprisingly, everyone I spoke to spoke English! Yes, I've been in Miami too long; I feel a culture shock when I go to English speaking crowd. On the first day I totally ran out of my business cards I thought I brought enough of. I received lots of complements, in which I felt they should tip me instead. On the second day my business cards were going out in a fast pace as well. I sold 7 pieces of art in two days during Las Olas Art Fair II. Since I am inexperienced in art fair, I can only tell you about those two I had done. I feel that Hobe Sound in general was an "anti-contemporary" crowd, slightly (maybe not slightly) shifted toward redneck. Yes, I did sell 4 pieces in Hobe Sound, but in general, people were not interested in my art. People in Las Olas were in a much better mood than those in Hobe Sound. A lot of friendly jokes and interactions took place throughout the fair in Las Olas, whereas I found people in Hobe Sound difficult to talk to. Such people are called "unfriendly" in my dictionary. Another thing about Hobe Sound was that I and my art were being grilled and smoked all day long for two days by the surrounding several food vendors who were cooking massive amounts of food by deep-frying, grilling, barbecuing, stir-frying, and so on. I drove back to Miami with the smell of those mixture of grease and smoke. I am so glad that all art fairs are not like Hobe Sound's! I wish I could look around at Las Olas Art Fair but I had to be at my booth, and also the fair was so huge that I couldn't even go to the other side of the fair with my booth left unattended so long. I got the impression that the quality of fair is rather high, and all artists I interacted with were friendly and kind. Las Olas Art Fair was something I want to do next year again. See more photos of my booth at Las Olas Art Fair